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Selectie Moldavië vs Nederland

"We are looking forward to the challenge of playing Moldova as it gives us an opportunity to improve on our performance from Belgium. In Brussels it was our execution that let us down not our effort and commitment. While we have some injuries we also welcome back some experience in the form of Dirk Danen, Sep Visser, Tom Altink, Storm Carrol, Andy Darlington and Robin Kok. Rik Roovers will have the honour of leading his country for the first time" - Alex Chang

Super 60: Meisjes 10s wedstrijden bij Rugby Nederland

Super 60: Meisjes 10s wedstrijden bij Rugby Nederland

Rugby Nederland - Aanpassing Bestuur

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Sascha Werlich - Head of High Performance Dames

Amsterdam - Afgelopen maand is Sascha Werlich aangesteld als de nieuwe “head of high performance dames”.




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